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Legal advice on civil, tax, labor, land, banking, administrative, customs, antitrust law and other issues related to business activities in Russia is the most demanded service of our lawyers.

Legal advice may be provided verbally, in letter, e-mail, via Skype or social networks.

Legal advice is provided by the company’s legal counsel who is the most competent in the particular field of law. This principle results in that each of our legal advice sessions is a professional and high quality one. Summarizing the legal advice, a legal opinion document may be prepared.


Today, nearly any educated person can draw up a contract. The Internet network provides a lot of resources that can help you draw up a contract: contract templates, legal bases, free recommendations. However, it is only an experienced lawyer, who is capable, when doing contracting work, to take into account the case law, tax consequences of a transaction, the criminal law practice and normal business practices.

We are always ready to take on drafting contracts and other legal documents, including:

  • Draw up a contract of supply, purchase and sale, purchase and sale of real estate;
  • Draw up a contract of purchase and sale of securities;
  • Develop a lease agreement;
  • Compile a contract of hiring work, provision of services, execution of works;
  • Prepare a contract of pledge of property;
  • Prepare a supplemental agreement;
  • Fill the transfer / pledge instruction for shares;
  • Prepare the founding documents for the creation of a legal entity, provide registration services;
  • Prepare other agreements and documents.

The preparation of a contract may be made in the client’s presence or remotely via Internet networks.


The legal audit of a contract or another legal document is made to check for the compliance of its terms and conditions with requirements of the Russian Federation legislation, to explain the legal meaning of the contract’s terms and conditions, those terms that violate your rights or may have negative consequences or are disadvantageous to you, and to include into the contract the conditions that are necessary to protect your rights and interests. At the end of legal audit process for the contract a client is supplied with a legal opinion document.


Developing a legal scheme is needed for effecting transactions with complex assets as well as for the transactions taking place in several stages. This service includes ensuring legal and tax security for the transaction, legal tax burden optimization for the transaction, drafting contracts and developing the structure of payments.


The transaction legal support is necessary for comprehensive and complete protection of your interests at all stages of the transaction (conducting preliminary negotiations, concluding the preliminary agreement, negotiating the terms, developing the system of financing and signing of the main contract).

You can order from us the legal support for the following transactions:

  • Real estate transaction support;
  • Real property lease transaction support;
  • Work contract support;
  • Investment agreement support;
  • Business sale contract support;
  • Securities transaction support;
  • Export and import transactions.


UKT Group law firm has been providing legal support for foreign economic activities for over 10 years, including the services of legal support and preparation of international contracts.

  • Participation in the negotiations on the side of the client, negotiating the terms of an international contract;
  • Compilation of an international contract (drafting an international delivery contract, drafting a distribution agreement, drafting a dealer agreement, drafting a service or works contracts), additional agreements and addendums for international contracts;
  • International contract legal audit;
  • International contract translation;
  • Advising on issues of compliance with the currency legislation.


Intellectual property means legally protected results of intellectual activity or means of individualization of legal entities, products, services and enterprises.

Experienced lawyers, attorneys and patent solicitors of UKT Group legal aid company provide legal services and protection of intellectual property rights.


  • Implementation, protection, transfer and termination of intellectual rights to copyright and neighboring rights, patent rights, rights for trade secrets (know-how), trademarks, and other rights and means of individualization;
  • Alienation and provision of exclusivity — preparation of a contract on the alienation of the exclusive right, drafting a license agreement;
  • Preparation of a commissioning contract;
  • Preparation of a commercial concession contract;
  • Preparation of a legal opinion on infringement of intellectual property rights;
  • Legal representation, judicial protection of intellectual property rights in courts, in arbitration.

Our company lawyers have successfully represented in court the interests of popular Russian pop singers on disputes concerning copyright and related rights, as well as companies that produce compositions.