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Registration Practices. Registration, Rearrangement and Liquidation of a Company

UKT Group law firm has been for over 10 years specializing in the provision of legal services to legal entities and entrepreneurs. The registration of legal entities is one of our primary services. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in this area and can say for sure that the registration of a company, rearrangement of a company, liquidation of a company, registration of shares are what we can do quickly, professionally and efficiently.


The registration of a company in Moscow and other registration services in various legal aid companies are not of the same price. Some people prefer to save money and find cheaper service. They may be fortunate, and the registration of a company and other registration actions will not result in additional costs related to the denial of registration, errors in the registered Foundation Charter and other documents.

We offer high quality, reliability, experience and professionalism at reasonable prices:

Registration of a LLC (OOO) in Moscow:
Standard’ Package

— 250 USD

‘Premium’ Package

— 430 USD

Registration of a CJSC (ZAO) in Moscow, registration of a OJSC (OAO) in Moscow

— From 420 USD

Registration of a nonprofit organization in Moscow

— 430 USD
(state tax included)

Rearrangement of a company in Moscow

— From 1,600 USD
(state tax included)

Liquidation of companies in Moscow

— From 2,000 USD
(state tax included)

Registration of share issue (primary issue)

— 300 USD

Registration of the additional issue of shares

— From 500 USD

Opening / closing bank accounts

— 50 USD

Replacing the statistical codes

— 50 USD

Changing the founders / participants for an LLC (OOO) in Moscow

— 350 USD
(state tax included)

Change of registered office

— 350 USD
(state tax included)

Bringing the founding documents in compliance with the law

— From 200 USD
(state tax included)

Change of company name

— 500 USD
(state tax included)


  • Preparation of documents for 2-3 days from the date of the handing over to us of all documents.
  • Signing of documents by the customers.
  • Attesting of the form No 11001 by notary public assisted by an employee of our company.
  • Submission of documents to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate No 46, assisted by an employee of the company. (The Same founder as that of the notary) Registration takes 7 workdays.
  • Registration of the company and receipt of documents in the FTSI No 46 by our employee.
  • Stamp manufacture — 2 workdays (the package includes one normal stamp).
  • Receipt of statistical codes by our employee in 7 workdays after the receipt of the documents from the FTSI No 46.
  • Preparation of documents for opening a bank account 1-2 workdays.
  • Opening the bank account (timings depend on the bank).
  • Notification of Funds (Russia’s Pension Fund and Fund of Social Insurance) and regional tax authority on opening the bank account.


The registration of a company in Moscow takes 10 days.

The full turn-key registration of a LLC (OOO) in Moscow takes 14 to 21 days.


  • Registration of an CJSC (ZAO) and registration of an OJSC (OAO) originally undergoes the same stages as the registration of an LLC (OOO).
  • Registration of share issue in the Federal Financial Markets Service takes more than 45 days.

The order for the registration of a company in Moscow (LLC (OOO) registration, CJSC (ZAO) registration, registration of other legal entities and registration of individual entrepreneurs) is established by the Federal Law ‘On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs’.

The registration of a company in Moscow in any legal form (including the registration of a LLC (OOO) in Moscow, registration of a CJSC (ZAO) in Moscow, registration of an OJSC (OAO) in Moscow, registering a non-profit organization in Moscow, etc.) includes a large number of steps. So for those people whose profession is not related to the registration of companies, the process may turn to be rather long and complicated.

To avoid the stress associated with the waste of time spent in queues, it is better to go for assistance to a legal aid company that will help you quickly and professionally register a legal entity in Moscow.

If you are looking for answers to the questions:

  • How to register a company in Moscow and towns of the Moscow region;
  • Registration of a LLC (OOO) in Moscow, registration of a CJSC (ZAO) in Moscow, registration of an OJSC (OAO) in Moscow;
  • Registration of non-profit organizations and the Moscow region;
  • Registration of changes in the constituent documents of the company and the changes that are not to be introduced into the constituent documents;
  • Rearrangement of a company: LLC (OOO) rearrangement, CJSC (ZAO) rearrangement;
  • Liquidation of a company: LLC (OOO) liquidation, CJSC (ZAO) liquidation, OJSC (OAO) liquidation

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