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Consulting group

Legal services for individuals

LCT-Group provides individuals with such legal services as:

  1. to search and establish legal status of property;
  2. to perform legal actions in order to recover owner’s legal rights to property (in court and criminal prosecution);
  3. to render legal support to owners while renting, leasing, buying, selling, pledging and granting real property facilities;
  4. to provide legal support to owners while dealing with shares and stocks;
  5. to represent interests at inheritance cases;
  6. to represent interests at divorce suits, including division of property, disputes on children and alimony;
  7. to defend minority shareholders in corporate suits;
  8. to run labor cases, collection of salaries and reinstatement of employment;
  9. to collect debts;
  10. to have rights to real property registered and run dealings with it;
  11. to register legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  12. to assess property; 
  13. to audit (shares and stocks);
  14. to render lawyer support in criminal cases.