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A legal aid company or an in-staff lawyer?


If your company has encountered a need for frequent legal consultations, preparation of draft contracts, expert examination of draft contracts, legal protection of interests in court or execution of some registration actions, you can:

  • Study the law by yourself;
  • Employ an in-staff lawyer and sign a work contract with him;
  • Make a contract of subscriber legal service with a legal aid company.

In any event, here are some arguments useful for decision taking.


  1. The salary for a lawyer of average experience (3 years) and average knowledge in the labor market is about $700 to $1,000.
  2. Those lawyers who are ready to work for $400 per month have the following features:
    • As a rule, little or strictly specialized experience of work;
    • Normally, they are young people, 21–24 year old, for whom getting a job in your company is a first step on the stair of career, and their stay with you will not last more than one year.
  3. The process of employment relationship with an in-staff lawyer has the following features:
    • You can oblige him with additional duties, thus saving the salary – that is an advantage, however, very questionable;
    • After a year, the employee would ask for a salary increase or leave your company (time-proved fact with such specialists);
    • You are to bear the additional expenditures stipulated by the labor legislation: the single social tax, vacation pay, sick-list time pay etc.;
    • You are to provide a work place, equip the worker with literature and law databases, insure his professional development;
    • The in-staff lawyer may fall sick, go on vacation, retire all of a sudden, and you will be left without lawyer;
    • The in-staff lawyer can break your business and official secrecy, to get employed by your competitors.
  4. If a situation unfamiliar to your lawyer arises, he will learn by your mistakes, or you will have to resort to a legal aid company.


  1. A legal aid company possesses a very abundant experience of work, it has law experts specializing in different fields of law, which allows to speedily solve almost any problems of a client.
  2. You can choose different subscriber service packages, starting from $500 worth monthly.
  3. A legal aid company is not going to use you as a career ladder, and will not leave you, searching for a better employer; we will do our businesses together.
  4. A legal aid company would never leave its client facing financial problems or disagreeing about the increase of the service package tariff; it would try to find a compromise settlement.
  5. A legal aid company would never unveil your business secrets and would not go away from you to your competitors, since such actions for us would mean the end of our business.
  6. You are not to bear any expenses for working with a legal aid company, except the subscriber service payment, which reduces the taxable income.
  7. A legal aid company is never to be sick, never on vacation and never to retire; it is always at work, even if you can not see that.
  8. You will never have to search for counselors; we can get you our time-proved partners: appraiser, auditing company, accounting company, management advisers, banks.