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Arbitration Practices. Conducting Arbitration Cases

For already 10 years now, the protection in arbitration court is one of the main activities of UKT Group law firm.

Our company lawyers will undertake management of arbitration cases and representation in arbitration court for arbitration disputes of any complexity.

Our attorneys in arbitration cases and lawyers in arbitration cases will take a persistent and principled position in the arbitration and provide quality legal services in arbitration disputes.

The fee amount for the conduct of an arbitration case in court is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the case and the amount of the claim.

If you are in for:

  • Case management in the arbitration court of Moscow,
  • Case management in the arbitration court of the Moscow Region,
  • Case management in the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal,
  • Case management in the Tenth Arbitration Court of Appeal,
  • Management of cases in the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District,
  • Management of cases in arbitration courts in other regions of Russia -

seek assistance from UKT Group legal aid company! Here you will get quality services of case management in arbitration courts.


  • Arbitration disputes of non-execution, improper execution of contracts, including contracts of delivery / purchase and sale, lease, loan and credit, paid services, insurance, construction contracts, equity participation in the construction;
  • Arbitration disputes on collection of arrears / debt / penalty costs;
  • Arbitration disputes on the conclusion, amendment, termination of agreements;
  • Arbitration disputes for recognition of ownership of real estate;
  • Arbitration disputes about the recovery of property from illegal possession;
  • Arbitration disputes with tax inspectorate;
  • Arbitration disputes about annulment of decisions / actions of the tax inspectorate / tax authorities;
  • Arbitration disputes about annulment of decisions / actions of customs authorities;
  • Arbitration disputes on invalidation of a transaction;
  • Arbitration disputes to invalidate the contract of purchase and sale of a building, structure;
  • Arbitration disputes to invalidate the decision / decisions taken by the general meeting of founders of LLC, stockholders of OJSC / CJSC;
  • Arbitration disputes on protection of copyright and neighboring rights;
  • Arbitration disputes to protect the rights and legitimate interests for intellectual property (illegal use of a trademark, patent disputes, disputes over the exclusive rights to the audio-visual works);
  • Other categories of arbitration disputes.


  • Legal analysis and assessment of the likelihood of winning the arbitration case;
  • Participation in negotiations with an opponent in order to clarify the positions of the parties, assessment of the situation, achieving compromise, conciliation;
  • Preparation of claims and compliance with pre-trial procedures;
  • Development of a strategy and tactics of judicial protection with regard to the established arbitration practice;
  • Inspection of materials of the arbitration case;
  • Defining the fact to be proven and range of evidence enabling the successful conduct of the arbitration case in court and winning the arbitration dispute;
  • Collection of evidence on the arbitration case;
  • Preparing and submitting a claim to the arbitration court.
  • Preparation and submission of an application for securing a claim in the form of seizure, the prohibition to perform certain actions;
  • Preparation and submission of other procedural documents enabling the conduct of arbitration case in court and winning an arbitration dispute (claim, counter-claim, statement of defense, complaint, petition, application of procedural character);
  • Case management in arbitration court. Arbitration lawyer or arbitration attorney of UKT Group will participate in the preliminary and final hearings on the arbitration case;
  • Informing the client about each major change in the case and its progress;
  • Receiving a judgment and a writ of execution;
  • Preparation and submission of appellate appeal and cassation against the determinations, decision and decree of the court;
  • As part of the enforcement proceedings our lawyers will make steps aimed at the actual recovery of debt / arrears from the debtor.

The successful defense of rights and interests in arbitration court requires a fundamental knowledge of arbitration procedural law, substantive law, considerable practical experience, individual approach on the lawyer’s part to the case management and innovative thinking. Only an experienced attorney in arbitration cases or a lawyer in arbitration cases is capable of winning a complex arbitration dispute.

UKT Group law firm manages arbitration cases in the Moscow Arbitration Court and the Arbitration Court of the Moscow region, and, consequently, in the Ninth and Tenth Arbitration Appellate Courts, the Federal Arbitration Court (FAC) of the Moscow District and in other Russian arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

If you want to have competent management of arbitration cases in an arbitration court, representation in arbitration court, you need a lawyer in arbitration cases or an attorney in arbitration cases.

Entrust your case management in an arbitration court and the conduct of an arbitration dispute to us, call +7 (495) 781-63-43, and the best lawyers in arbitration disputes and attorneys in arbitration disputes will solve all your problems!