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Registration of companies (LLC, CJSC etc.)


Term for registration of a CJSC — more then 60 days.
Term for registration of a LLC — 20 to 30 days (till the moment the settlement account gets operable).
Registration price for a LLC — 430 USD (including all duties)
Registration price for a CJSC, OJSC — starting from 680 USD

The price for the company registration does not include the cost of the legal address selection service.

The company registration service package includes:

  • Preparation of a package of foundation documents;
  • Opening an accumulation account (if necessary);
  • Registration and entry into the State Register for Legal Entities;
  • Receiving attested copies of foundation documents and extract from the register;
  • Stamp manufacture;
  • Statistics codes appropriation;
  • Getting registered with taxation bodies;
  • Opening a settlement account;
  • Tax Inspectorate notification of the settlement account opening;
  • Unblocking the account in the bank.

Data and documents required for us to start working:

  1. Name;
  2. Information on the authorized capital structure (money, property) and amount (the minimum is 10,000 rubles, if paid in with cash, it is enough to pay 5,000 rubles, the other 5,000 are to be paid within one year);
  3. The constitutors board and the distribution of the authorized capital among them (shares in the capital);
  4. The data about the constitutors:
    For natural person constitutors: 
    -  Passport data with the residence address and postal code + TIN; 
    -  If the constitutor is a foreign national, additionally the permit for effecting entrepreneurial activity from the country of his permanent stay or the TIN is required;
    For legal entity constitutors: 
    -  State registration certificate (unattested copy); 
    - Organization charter (unattested copy); 
    -  Certificate on the registration with tax bodies (unattested copy); 
    -  Statistics codes (unattested copy); 
    - CEO (director) full name; 
    - If the constitutor is a foreign legal entity, additionally the extract from the trade register of the origination country is required;
  5. Main types of activities;
  6. Legal address;
  7. Postal address, contact phone number;
  8. Bank name (preferably with the details);
  9. Copy of the CEO’s (director’s) passport, TIN (if he has one);
  10. Chief accountant passport data.