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The Law firm "LawConsult Group"

The Law firm "LawConsult Group" is successfully carrying out activities in providing legal services in various areas of Law. Nowadays for the successful solution of legal problems faced by clients on the territory of another state it is necessary to know all subtleties of the national legislation. Therefore our Law firm is always ready to provide legal services to foreign companies doing business in Russia.

The Law firm "LawConsult Group" was founded in 2000 in the purpose of providing legal services in commercial law.

Legal services provided by our firm, can be used in various areas of daily activities of a Company:

  1. Solving problems of co-operation with business partners - preparation to, and carrying out negotiations, fixing achieved arrangements, preparation of draft agreements, expert examination of contracts, presentation of claims, representation of interests in courts and arbitration courts.
  2. Representing interests of the Clients in the Federal Commission on Market of Shares, the Russian Agency for patents and trade-marks, the Moscow Committee on Registration of Rights and in the other bodies.
    The basic principle, which we follow when we provide legal services is taking in to account individual wishes of the Client. The tasks put by our Clients, depending on complexity can be solved by one or several competent experts. In our work we guarantee conscientious and quality performance, which are frequently based on the original, non-standard decisions, taken by our lawyers. Therefore more than half of services we provide is the implementation of our own recommendations on behalf of our Clients. As a result of such services a Client has an opportunity to obtain, in our person, a structural division of legal profile.

We offer to your attention a list of our services:

  • Selection and registration of an optimal type company (Limited liability companies, closed joint-stock companies, open joint-stock companies) from the point of view of taxation and corporate interests. On the stage of preparation this gives us an opportunity to balance powers and interests of all participants, protect the project of our clients from the lack of conscientiousness and misunderstanding of partners, choose a form of business and distribution with an optimal taxation regime, provide all necessary registration taking into account peculiarities of establishing enterprises with foreign investments.
  • Corporate Law: mergers and acquisitions, registration of shares, assistance in setting up and maintenance of the register of shareholders, preparation of quarterly accounts of emitters, preparation of lists of parties who have interest in transactions, preparation of prospectus and reports on issue of securities , complex emissions, tracking and cassation of major transactions, transactions with shares, etc.; preparation and holding of general meetings of participants or shareholders, interaction with the Federal Commission for the Capital Market of the Russian Federation.
  • The Contract Law: expertise, preparation and optimization of contracts. Establishment of contractual schemes, which protect interests of firms in their relations with contracting parties and taxation bodies, as well as optimize tax payments.. Making opinion on compliance of contracts, agreements and other documents with the current laws of Russia. Drafting projects for legal civil contracts.
  • International private law and Customs law: Accompanying of export and import operations, participation in negotiations, preparation and analysis of export and import contracts, assistance in foreign currency control. Drafting schemes to minimize taxation.
  • Civil and arbitration procedure: representation of organizations in civil courts, arbitrary courts at any stage of legal proceedings, MKAS (Moscow Commercial Arbitrary Court) at the Commercial and -Industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation, Moscow;
  • Taxation: we draft schemes to minimize taxation and represent interests of enterprises (companies) during tax checking. We protect interests of our clients in courts during court hearings with fiscal organizations.
  • Return of the export VAT: attending judicial and ministerial procedures of return of the export VAT.
  • Executive Procedure: we offer assistance in executing court decisions (rulings).
  • Representation on criminal cases (economic crimes): (participation of attorneys at all stages of the criminal procedure from the moment of detention to the final adjudication in essence. The appeal and protest endured on the decisions
  • User's service - for subscribers of legal services: we provide, on a monthly basis, a package of law consulting services (law management) for companies which will sign an agreement with us. 

The subscriber legal service provided by legal corporation (Law firm) gives our clients an opportunity to  entrust the functions of legal department to the law firm.

We can look at it from practical side.
- after  signing  the contract  with the Client on subscriber service,  the lawyer of the Legal corporation is assigned to the Client. The lawyer receives orders from the Client, consults the Client on different law questions, drafts contracts, projects of the agreements, carries out examination of the agreements, participates in negotiations on the party of the Client.
- The contact with the Client is implemented by the phone, use of a E-Mail or fax, and if necessary  by personal meetings with the Client.
Additional services
Law firm "LawConsulT Group" is ready to offer a number of additional services, which may be necessary during management of economic activities.

For our Clients we have agreements with several consulting companies and this companies help our clients other fields of consulting such as
- valuation
- audit
- Registration of shares
- Securities.

We will be glad to provide any interested person with additional information about our company on your request, which you can make by telephone /  007-499-250-63-42 or by electronic mail: ukt@ukt.ru

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